The Process

For fiften years, Patrick Miller has been creating stunning artwork for private corporations, public institutions, and individuals. Anyone interested in securing a unique piece of art from this talented and successful artist need only contact Patrick to discuss the project that you have in mind.

Working with Patrick is really quite simple and can be broken down in 6 steps.

  1. Solidify your Concept

    Have a vague concept of a monument, memorial, or other artwork that you would like to see brought to reality? Simply contact Patrick to let him know what you had in mind. Patrick will gather any information needed to create a proposal and will propose to you the approach, timeframe, and cost necessary to see your vision into reality. If you approve of the approach, the contract will be created and, once executed, Patrick will begin working on your concept on the agreed upon start date.

  2. Bringing your Concept to Life

    All of Patrick's works of art are hand-sculpted in clay. Conversley, many monument makers use life-casting to represent the subject of the statue. This is done by taking a plaster cast of an actual person or other osubject matter and using the negative of that cast for the final piece. Due to the nature of that process, pieces made in this manner result in very stiff and emotionless final product that does not effectively convey the life and soul of the selected subject matter. By hand-sculpting in clay, you are guaranteed a statue or monument that convey's the life and complex nature of your subject matter.

    Once the concept is completed in clay, Patrick will meet with you so that you can review the artwork and verify that it meets or exceeds your concept. If changes are needed, they will generally be done during that meeting. Once the review is complete and the clay artwork has been approved, Patrick will make a rubber mold of the clay and deliver it to his artist foundry. At the foundry, the artowrk is cast in Virgin Silicon Bronze to insure that your concept will last for generations to come. If applicable the final finishing of the bronze as well as applying any patina will be done after the bronze is completed.

  3. Delivery and Installation

    Once the bronze artwork has been completed and Patrick has returned it from the foundry, it will be installed by Patrick and his contractors(if applicable) per the contract. If desired, Patrick can make himself available for unveiling ceremonies, interviews, or press conferences as the artwork is unveiled.

Please feel free to contact Patrick with any questions that you may have.